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These metal drip tips are rainbow treated and are very unique. Looks great on any device that allows for a 510 style tip. Available in different styles. Great look and feel for your RBA, 510 Cartomizer, 510 Dripping Atomizer, or most any other 510 accessory you can think of.

Compatible with the Anyvape Davide, Kanger Protank II, Vapeonly BCC and many others.

Price is for ONE (1) drip tip.

Choose style from the drop down box above.

NOTE: These will NOT work with our CE4 clearomizers, Kanger EVOD, or original Protank 1.
The Deal: Use code “KYJOSH” for 10% off your entire order, it makes the tips only $6.29 each
rainbow drip tips

Sold by Smoke Evolution

I’ve had both the Smok version, the Kamry, and a cheap knock-off of the squid and the octopus, there are huge differences in all the versions but the Smok is one of my favorites. In the title I mentioned a few of the biggest differences, Most of the other versions have the air hole that comes up through the 510 connector which means you can flood your mod very easy, others also have a threaded tops cap so you have to twist or screw the top cap on which means you can’t put the cap on the atty without messing up the wicks, and of course there is the quality of the device that makes a big difference. I prefer the Smok Version over the others and thats why I still have one!



The Squid RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomizer and is the mini version of the Octopus RDA. It is 510 compatible. This device works amazingly well and gives a strong hit with plenty of flavor. It’s called the Squid because it has 8 wicks that feed eLiquid to the 2.0 Ohm coil that comes standard with it. The Squid allows you to have the vape that an atomizer delivers with the convenience of being able to add more e-liquid to the well so you don’t have to refill it as often. This is due to the 8 wicks that soak up the e-liquid and feed it to the coil. The coils are replaceable. You can buy pre-made coils, or wrap your own from silica wick and wire. Coil wires are attached to The Squid via 2 thumb screws for a quick and easy installation. Top cap is made from anodized aluminum.
No drip tip mouthpiece is included. Any 510 drip tip will fit.
The Deal: Use code “kyjosh” to get 10% off making it $8.99

Direct Link:


smok squid

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This weekend only

Step up to the next level with this high quality atomizer & MOD

This weekend is a great time to pick up a classy combo.  The Tobeco Kayfun Lite andNemesis clones are both on sale.  Save $20 of the pair.  You’ve heard the praise for the Kayfun, now try one for yourself.  The Kayfun offers an extremely consistent vape experience, with great flavor and vapor.  Simple to rebuild and tailor to your vape style, step up to the next level. On sale through the weekend at only $44.99 (reg. $54.99), no coupon code required.  Pair it up with the Nemesis mechanical MOD. They look great together and work flawlessly. The Nemesis works with a variety of batteries and is Kick compatible if you prefer regulated power.  On sale for $39.99 (reg. $49.99). Prices good until Monday 1/27.




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The Trident Rebuildable Atomizer Clone is a nicely machined unit made of stainless steel material. There are 2 adjustable air holes with a twist-on airflow control. With the 3 pole design, it can support a single or dual coil for great vapor production with the proper build.
Stainless steel
510 threaded
Twist-on airflow control
2 airholes
3 pole design
Copper contacts
The Deal: Use code “kyjosh” to get 10% off your order

Direct Link:

smoke evolution trident clone smoke evolution trident clone 2

Sold by Smoke Evolution:

There are 2 new glassomizers I want to try and this new Aspire is one of them, having the airflow is going to make a huge difference in how the tank is able to be vaped because now you can adjust the airflow to what you like and no-one will have the problem with it being to airy.

The Aspire Nautilus glassomizer has a revolutionary new design that consists of features based from vape enthusiasts who have provided feedback of what an ideal tank should be. Utilizing this information, the engineers have created a new tank that provides optimal performance and superior vaping functionality. This tank is really a work of art and holds about 5mL of eLiquid (twice the amount of what protank holds) Updated bottom dual coil design, and the most important part which is the air flow control.
Key Features:
  • Stainless Steel !!!!
  • Adjustable Airflow Control !!!
  • Pyrex glass tube holds about 5ml !!!
  • BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) Technology
  • Elegant Modem Body Shape
Resistance of Aspire BDC:
  • 1.6ohm (3.3v-5.0v)
  • 1.8ohm (3.3v-6.0v)
Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer Kit comes with:
  • 1x Full Aspire Nautilus Tank (1.6ohm BDC coil pre-installed)
  • 1x Extra Aspire Nautilus BDC coil at 1.8ohm
  • 1x eGo cone
  • 1x User Manual

The Deal: Use code “kyjosh” to get a 10% discount

smoke evolution aspire nautilus


Replacement clear plastic tank for our Kayfun Lite style RBA. Replaces the steel tank sections to make a single large tank.

Tank has a frosted look with matte feel.

This tank section IS compatible with the genuine Kayfun Lite.

Does NOT come with o-rings. It is suggested you use the o-rings that came with your Kayfun Lite for proper sealing.

Price is for one (1) tank. Limit 5 per customer
kayfun clear plastic tank













I’ve had folks looking for a tank like this one below in the USA and I found the one at Smoke-Evolution but its frosted and not clear like the one below.

kayfun plastic tank

The wonderful folks at Smoke Evolution has restocked on Unitanks and Also have the CLEAR tank in stock, the Clears go fast!!

Smoke, red, purple, blue, & clear

I got a few of these tanks when they 1st came to the US market and loved them so much that I ordered enough to have one for my other daily mods. They are only of the 1st tanks that my wife has used without burning juices in them, its been a year of trying everything I can without no success until I gave her one of these. Straight outta the box I filled it up with her standard 50/50 18mg Grape juice and let her go with it, weeks later she is still using it with no problem so I gave her another. As for me, I did it just like I do any other bottom coil from Kanger, I removed one of the flavor wicks and it kicks butt!!! You wouldn’t believe how good these tanks are until you get one. Please watch my Youtube review for more details.


Kanger Unitank Review


The Deal: Smoke-Evolution has a low price of $14.99 but use the code “KYJOSH” and it drops it to $13.49


I’ve NEVER had a vendor offer this to me until now, the folks from Smoke Evolution came to me today with a coupon for free 1st class shipping/half price Priority mail and I asked him if that meant folks could stack discounts, his response was ” Let me figure this out”

A few minutes later they came back with, “It will now stack with your KYJOSH coupon code. But I’m only running the special until midnight tonight” and I about hit the floor. I’ve never had a vendor do that before!!!

So until Midnight tonight you can use the code “KYJOSH” for 10% off your order and on top of that you can use the coupon code “SCARYSHIPPING” to also get the shipping discount too. It’s not a Trick, It’s a complete TREAT!!!!

That makes the Kanger Unitanks $13.49 each with Free Shipping!! Holy Pumpkin!

Smoke Evolution also runs Specials, Giveaways, and discounts on their Facebook pages so go like their page to get updates!










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