Nemesis clone

I have a this Nemesis clone and it’s been the best I’ve ever used! I know a vapers with over 16 of this same mod and has retired all others because it’s just that good of a clone!

The Nemesis Mechanical Mod Clone is designed with 3 battery tube extensions to use with different sized batteries.  A laser etched engraving is present with individualized serial numbers and logos, while the bottom button has a unique switch that enables to easily fire and maitain a comfortable grip in your hand. When locking the firing button, the battery vent holes are concealed and the top cap ring allows having an adjustable air flow for maximum efficiency.


  • Brass Body
  • Laser Etched Engraving
  • Individualized Numbering
  • Silver Plated Firing Pin
  • Adjustabe Silver Plated Contacts
  • Firing Button Lock Feature
  • Adjustable Air Flow w/Control Rings
  • Extensions Tubes For Different Battery Sizes
  • 510 Threaded Connector

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I have this Nemesis clone and it’s one of the best I’ve had in my hand, the button actually works better than the other higher priced ones. I’ve had the EHPro and a few others but they always seem to have the same problem, Tubes getting jammed, locking ring sticking, and the button is sticking or grinding but this little guy is working so dang well and only costs $17.

You can’t go wrong getting one!!!

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