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Stingray Mechanical Mod Replica
PRE-DELIVERY SALE – The Stingray is ordered and being produced. Expected Delivery is 3-11-14 but may take a week or two longer. Check back here weekly for updates
  • Stainless Steel & Brass Construction
  • No circuit board, full mechanical mod
  • Floating center pin
  • Silver Plated Copper Contacts
  • Magnetic Switch
  • Bottom lockable firing button
  • Outer diameter: 22mm
  • Recessed 510 threading connector
  • Compatible with any device with 510 threaded connector
  • Can be powered by 1*18350 battery/1*18650 battery
  • Gift Box

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Stingray clone

I was looking through Facebook the other night and found this site like I do many sites but I started going through their devices and couldn’t believe how impressed I was with so many items from one vendor, this has only happened a few times. As I looked at each item I found a few that caught my eye and I wanted to share them with everyone, so here they are starting with the AR Mechanical Mod.

AR Mod

$179.95 and up

AR Mod – USA Made Mechanical Mod

The AR Mod is the newest, most innovative mod by Tac Mods USA. The AR Mod is a patent pending design with an octagonal shaped button so you never have to worry about losing your bottom button. The AR Mod is a unique design to replicate a traditional AR-15 assault riffle barrel. This design is not only great ascetically, but it also has functionality. The air holes in the 18650 body allows heat to escape so your AR Mod does not get hot.


They also have some other mods, customized atomizers and drip tips I really loved.

Sold by

Message from GotVapes:

The V2 was updated, no version change on the number, These are even machined differently then the original v2 production. Im sure other received these as well to sell since they were going out since the end of december, then we bought these and by the time the order was made and sent, we have just received them and put them up for sale. Just like there is 4 vamo 5’s and 4 vamo 3’s which all look the same but have minor upgrades as the months went by. We are known on ecf for getting updated versions, these are updated versus any other one from months ago, we deal directly with smoktech.

Besdies the updated center pin it also has the newer magnetic switch which the older version didnt have, So rest assured this is the latest and greatest, beware of clones that even have the smoktech logo on it, those ar bad product.

we have 5%off newsletter , they just need to enter there email on the right side of the page and they will get 5% off

SMOKtech Magneto V2 Mechanical Telescopic


Introducing the quality built SMOKtech Magneto V2 Telescopic Mechanical Mod: the first generation of this mod did not have an adjustable center pin, as you can see in the pictures this now has an adjustable pin to improve connections with your 510 cartos and tanks.

  • This Stainless Mod uses magnets in the firing pin: creates smoother button action and throw and increases its durability.
  • Telescoping: Uses 18650, 18500 or 18350 battery. Works without any circuitry as a true mechanical mod. This mod can be kicked with an 18500 or 18350 battery.
  • Etched logo on side and the stainless version has ‘MAGNETO’ etched around the bottom locking ring
  • Brushed/Satin Stainless finish for a substantial feel in the hand
  • Bottom firing with counter threaded smooth action locking ring.
  • Comes in an attractive gift box
  • User Manual

This is a winner – very simple and dependable product at a very very good price.


  • 3.25 in. in collapsed 18350 mode
  • 4.45 in. in 18650 mode
  • .75 inches diameter
  • Takes 510 and eGo with a separately purchases ego to 510 adapter
  • 3.7v to 4.2 v depending on charge capacity

Direct Link:   SMOKtech Magneto V2 Mechanical


Hard Copy:

These Mods are being sold at cost price I ordered some for a sample and decided not to move forward with them Due to a flaw I don’t like how if you do not lock them off and stand them on the table this causes the bottom button to fire. Purchasing these you understand this flaw. These mods are brand new but all sales are final due to extremely low price. No refunds No Returns on this product. No responsibility for your mod firing when you stand it up on the table and do not lock it off.
The Tec Mod from Youde is a telescopic Mechanical mod you can use most batteries between 14500-18650. It has a locking mechanism to switch the mod off when your not using it. The bottom firing button takes hardly any pressure at all to fire
Batteries are not included.

Youde Tec


The Smoktech Magneto 1939 – NO LOGO
Beautiful, Gold/Brass Telescoping Mechanical Mod
Fits 18350, 18490, 18500, and 18650 Batteries
510 Ego Thread Connection
Fully Magnetic Switch & Lockable Bottom Ring
NO spider engrave on end cap
Spring loaded center pin(new cap)
Vent holes on battery tube.

Price is for Magneto mod only, no batteries or charger included.

Sale ends 1/1/14


If you’ve been thinking about getting into mechanical mods now is the time! Vices has a beautiful mechanical mod with small diamonds accessorizing this breath taking mod that accepts both 18650 and 18350 batteries.

For $17.50, you can’t go wrong!

Check out this beautiful mod!! Drusilla has done it again and found another mech that not only is awesome to look at but I’ve never seen any other vendor carry it.

Product Description

The Yin Yang Mechanical Mod is made of sturdy stainless steel with a stunning, etched criss cross pattern wrapping around the body of this awesome, bottom button mechanical mod. If you’re a cloud chaser, look no longer! Pair the Yin Yang with an 18650, 18350 or any battery in between and blow out clouds of vapor in style. The bottom is reverse threaded to lock the button; this wonderful feature allows for ease and no confusion when you’re ready to put this mod away — if that time ever comes! This mod is eGo and 510 threaded for your convenience! Experience the Yin Yang; you’ll never go back!

Slimzy Mechanical Mod

  • Uses 1x 14500 Battery
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Mini Genesis Dual Coil Atomizer
  • 2ml Glass Tank
  • Floating top Pin
  • Comes with 510 top cap & Ego top cap
  • Lock Ring
  • Matching 510 Removable Drip Tip
  • Spare parts
  • Similar to Super-T Precise Simplicity


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