Evod Battery

Many people start out with the old ego starter kits but lately Kanger kits have taken over because they are such a better product and vape 10 times better. Any time someone asks me what I suggest for a starter kit I point them to Vapedojo and their super low priced Kanger Evod Kits.

They have 2 kits to choose from and both are priced lower than many other starter kits. If you are really wanting to convert to vaping I would suggest the Large Evod kit because only having 1 battery and 1 tank means that you can’t vape all day because the battery doesn’t last but maybe 6 to 8 hours.

The Katana Kit has changed a lot of lives since I started vaping because it has always been a premium kit for a super low price, the Katana Kit III is a great Evod Starter kit with a Evod bottom coil tank, Evod Battery, and a USB charging cable.

The Large Evod Starter Kit has Double that of the Katana kit plus you get the wall charger with it  and 5 extra replacement coils.

Add some juice, and this kit includes everything you will need to vape with great style, performance, and Kanger quality. The batteries and tanks are made for each other, match perfectly, and work great together.

The Evod tanks are bottom coil design, which ensures that your wicks remain saturated with juice. It is easy to refill and performs great.  They have replaceable heads, so you can use the tank indefinitely and replace only the heads. The Evod batteries are top of the line ego batteries, and they have a unique feature. They have a constant voltage output of 3.7 volts. They will hit hard throughout the discharge cycle of the battery. these batteries will provide you with the same great power from the start of your day until the very end.

Katana Kit III (single kit) http://www.vapedojo.com/collections/starter-kits/products/katana-kit-iii-kanger-evod-single-kit

Kanger Evod Starter Kit  http://www.vapedojo.com/products/kanger-evod-starter-kit

katana_kit_iii_1024x1024dual evod starter kit

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