This is one of our favorite rebuildable atomizers (and atomizers in general)!

Most rebuildable atomizers are not for beginners as it takes some patience and skill to get working properly. This one comes with stainless steel Mesh but if you choose to stick with the standard wick and coil setup you can simply purchase premade wick and coil.
Made with all Stainless steel parts and a thick plastic and glass tank. This comes with ss mesh and coil but can be used with wick and coil.

Can be disassembled and put back together in minutes, very easy to clean, use and rebuild with some experience or practice.

20.4mm Overall Diameter (Tank)
22.5mm Overall Diameter (Outer shell)
60mm Overall Length assembled (without drip tip)
1.2mm Airhole

Comes with

1 AGA-T2 Unit partially assembled, no drip tip is included
1 Glass Tank
1 Parts Kit:
(3) Extra Orings (1) Extra grommet seal (1) Extra Screw (1) Extra Washer (1) piece of SS Mesh (400) 45mmx45mm (1) nichrome wire 100mm

aga t2 3 aga t2AGA_T2__69452.1365118775.1280.1280aga t2 2

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