The Alien Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer RDA – 22mm – Rainbow, Stainless, Black, & White

$24.99 with free shipping

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Integrated Drip Top
  • Airflow Positions: 
    • Alien Eyes: Size: 4.3mm Length —  All 4 Eyes Closed, All 4 Eyes Open, One Eye Open on Each Side, Additional variants may exist such as partial eyes closed.
    • Side Holes: Size: 1.5mm — Each 3 Holes on Each Side. You can have 1, 2, or 3 Side Holes Open. The Same Number On Each Side. No Way To Close All Holes
  • 2 Stainless Steel Negative Posts
  • 1 Copper Positive Post
  • Adjustable 510 Copper Contact

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Alien RDAAlien RDA (2)


Introducing Kangertech’s first box mod: KBOX. Small, light and durable. With a shape fit for the palm of your hand. The perfect sidekick to the Subta
The Kangertech KBOX Box Mod

Introducing Kangertech’s first box mod: KBOX.

Small, light and durable. With a shape fit for the palm of your hand. The perfect sidekick to the Subtank. Easy to use for your basic users and a good amount of variable wattage settings even for your advanced users. Check more out at


KBOX 84277ee8-ae2e-41b9-8df9-97c661b25e5c

I’ve had tons of emails and messages asking where people can find this little guy. It’s a 2 post design with a single air hole but it works so well on the iStick.

The Dripper RDA is exactly what you think it is: a rebuildable dripper. This is a very basic design, perfect for someone who wants to get into rebuilding. There’s a 1 positive and 1 ground post, ideal for single-coil builds. Airflow has been improved over past RDAs, in that the airflow comes in from a hole in the side, instead of at the bottom of the deck. This also means reduced leaking. The top cap also features an integrated mouthpiece for a uniform look. The Dripper comes with a pre-made 1.8-ohm coil, but really shines when rebuilt with your own wick and wire.

While on sale get it for only $1.99 each


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smok atty on the istick


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