• Made of 304 Stainless Steel and Brass Ring Construction
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Triple adjustable airflow that can also be shaped in any way you like to create a swirling effect
  • Adjustable Chamber, to create a pressurized system for more dense and flavorful vape
  • Deep juice well
  • Three Adjustable Airflow Rings to adjustable your airflows
  • PEEK Insulators

The Deal: Save 5% with code high5

Direct Link: https://88evape.com/shop/rebuildable-atomizers-tanks/helix-rda-clone/

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Clearance Sale, 3 flavor options – These prices are approx 60% off!

strawberry_yumcakeDo you enjoy warm strawberries and a cakey taste on your tongue?  This juice is very aromatic and will steal everyones attention in public.






katy_berryEveryone’s favorite, the blue-raspberry sweettart!  An excellent choice if you’re looking for a good throat hitting juice.






dragons_bootyDragon fruit lover?  You will surely enjoy this dragon fruit style vape.  A perfect blend of dragon fruit and tuitti fruitti makes this liquid hard to put down!






sir tasty vape salehttp://www.sirtastyvape.com/liquidation

Just a quick update: There is only 1 week left to take advantage of our great sale.

To ring in the new year, we would like to offer our biggest sale (those of you who have shopped with us for the last 3 years know that we only run this sale once or twice a year at most) of the year:

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Sale is good through: 1/31/15

20% Off EVERYTHING with coupon code: NEWYEARS
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